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Virgin butt got fucked for the first time

Virgin butt of Zak It was weird, me, an aspiring author, working as a farm hand down in the middle of Tennessee. I wanted some experiences. And experiences is what I got, though not the ones I was expecting. The farmer was a mean old bible spouting type. I know the only reason he hired me was because… Read More »

Fucked in my ass

Fucked in my ass every November by my Uncle Deer season in November has long been a tradition time among the men in our family for long before I was born. It is an Arkansas ritual of total maleness where women are not allowed, a time when the men go together deep into the woods to camp and… Read More »

My first anal experience

My first anal experience with my older Bisexual Neighbour My First anal experience was with Steve and I had been playing around for about a month now. I was the kid who did some yard work for him. He was in his 30s, I had just turned 18 and was young, naive, and horny. My first time was… Read More »