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Teen sex stories

Teen sex stories will in general contain a lot of first time sex experiences form fresh virgins or young girls. When you are older it might be difficult to get an experience like this, these teen sex stories will definatly get you going. So if you ever fantasize about young teens it is good to know you can relate with one of these stories.

Losing my virginity

Losing my virginity at the age of fourtheen Losing my virginity was a real bless when I was fourtheen years old. As a fairly normal male, I’d been sexually active for quite some time, but that friday evening was the first time someone else was involved physically! I was a competitive swimmer, and I guess I was pretty… Read More »

Screwed at the party and filled with cum

Screwed at the party and stuffed with cum Screwed that evening, It was not going well and Cheryl knew it. Only eighteen, she had almost passed out when a college junion had asked her here. Telling her mother and father that she was going to a girlfriends house for the night, she met her date, Billy, at a… Read More »

Online Dating gave me the best fuck

Online dating gave me an amazing Fuck Online Dating was fun but meeting you in a online dating room was more than I could whish for. I love the moment that  you walked in warily, not knowing quite what to expect. I say nothing, just taking your hand and leading you through the doorway. After you pass, I… Read More »